Behringer iNuke Boom Junior shrinks a giant iOS dock, won’t trigger as many earthquake warnings


Editors Note – Engadget, in our opinion is one of the best tecnology websites, recieved a press release about the scaled down Inuke 100-watt Boom, it’s now small enough to fit in the corner of your room, please enjoy the story!

As enraptured as we might be with Behringer’s monolithic iNuke Boom, the 8-foot-long frame and 10,000W output don’t really lend themselves to a home installation. Not unless we want to produce false positives on the USGS’ earthquake meters, anyway. We’re happy to say the company has addressed that domestic oversight with the iNuke Boom Junior. The iOS- and iPod-capable speaker dock won’t launch nearly as large-scale an audio assault at 50W, but it’s also less than a twentieth of the size of its parent; no one will need a forklift to get Junior into the living room. In spite of the less than ego-inflating dimensions, the smaller system appears balanced with discrete woofer, tweeter and mid-range components as well as separate bass control. We just wish it was slightly more futureproof. As glad as we are that the iNuke Boom Junior’s $180 price at Costco spares us from raiding our retirement funds, the speaker is still using a pre-Lightning dock connector and lacks any wireless audio — iPhone 5 owners will have to turn to an adapter or the aux-in jack. At least we won’t be violating any local noise laws in the process. Read the rest of this entry »

Magnetyze brings induction charging to iPhone 4/4S


Editors Note – with the controversial new connector on the iphone 5, many docking station makers are planning to move into wireless streaming to the docking station, that will charge and play music without actually plugging in the device, allowing any type of device Android, iphone, ipod and windows phones to connect to one docking station. Read the rest of this entry »

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