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Editors note –  Apples new lightning cable and dock connector could have more to do with trying to push their own docks instead of a new faster version of the connector? maybe we’re being cynical!

If you’ve been wanting an extra iPhone 5 cable, but haven’t wanted to pay the full $40 for one, this is your lucky day: a Chinese company called iPhone5mod says it has cracked the authentication chip found in the lightning connector and is now selling the cables for $20 apiece.Cheap Third-Party Lightning Cables Are Finally On the Way for Your iPhone 5

According to TG Daily, the company also has a supply of real authentication chips from an official Apple supplier as well:

“We are the first company to release a different Lightning Cable from Apple that fully supports the iPhone 5 (also works with iPod Touch 5th Gen and upcoming mini iPad too). It works independently or together with the iPhone 5 Dock,” says the company.


According to the company, it’s got two sources of appropriate chips: a supply of the genuine article from Apple’s own supplier, and cracked chips that bypass Apple’s authentication functions. Both work equally well, it says.

The knockoff lightning cables are said to do everything the official cables do, but word has it that Apple will try and block the version of this cable that iPhone5mod is peddling. [TG Daily]

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