GEAR4 HouseParty 4 Evo App Enhanced Ipod Dock

Review: GEAR4 HouseParty 4 Evo Dock Review


Lightweight, Simple Setup.

Built-in FM Fadio With 10 Programmable Preset Stations.

Easy to Use, Great Design.


Confusing Adaptor Cradles for iPod vs iPad vs iPhone.

EQ Options Seem to do Nothing,

Our team of self-appointed experts has taken it upon themselves to locate and review the best iPod Docks on the market right now! Since their inception, iPod/MP3 docks have become one of the dominant forms of music playback in the world, so its only right that we play guardian to your wallet and give you the low down on which ones sound great and, conversely, which ones will have you reaching for the earplugs.


OK, so this is weird: the GEAR4 Street Party, this model’s ‘cousin’ of sorts, is a nifty (that’s one!) little dock that serves as a solid lower to mid-range iPod speaker. It gives you a nice playback at a reasonable price, but not quite enough to deserve the name ‘StreetParty’ (as I pointed out in the earlier review of said product). Conversely, the product in question, the GEAR4 HouseParty, is a much bigger and better speaker, which would be better suited to be used for, you guessed it, a street party.

Confusing nomenclature aside, the HouseParty is a real step up from its cousin. With bigger and better speakers, greater control over the sound equalization and a grander design job, the HouseParty looks set to be a real winner.

GEAR4 are consistently putting out solid products, especially iPod docks and this one looks like being no exception. If you passed on the StreetParty because it didn’t quite cut the mustard, then the HouseParty is a model you should seriously be considering.

The HouseParty has bigger speakers and a better overall sound. It features 7 diverse EQ settings, which give you complete control over the way you hear your songs. The best thing about that particular function is that it can all been outsourced to your very own remote control, a nifty (two and counting) little gadget that makes playing your favourites even easier.

You can also take advantage of the Smartlink app, which will act as an intermediary between your dock and any other compatible Smartlink products, this will create a direct two way interface between, say, your iPhone and your iPod.

In addition to all that, the HouseParty functions as both an FM radio and an alarm clock. Despite the drunken rabble rousing suggested by the name, this dock has been designed with practicality very much in mind.

Hardware / Design

Whereas the StreetParty is a solid and dependable little runner, but can’t be used as much more than that, the Houseparty can indeed be used to give your music that little bit of added ‘oomph’ whilst at the same time fitting nicely and practically into your home.

Its still not enough to replace the HiFi, but its certainly a start and, with a typically reasonable GEAR4 price tag (around £60), is affordable to boot. Its nothing like as portable as its slimline cousin, but more than makes up for this in a number of other ways. The playback is beautiful, the customizable options are more than welcome and the design is smart and pleasing.

GEAR4 are a good manufacturer of affordable electronics that are still highly reliable. Maybe this one doesn’t have the great sound of the Bose models, but it also doesn’t have the inflated £200 price tag either. If you’re looking for a mid-high range product, but you’ve got a very set budget in mind, then look no further than this nifty (the hat trick! He shoots, he scores!!!) bit of kit.


The HouseParty is smart, versatile and has nothing at all to do with Noel Edmonds, which all rank among its good points. If it was just £10 or £20 more, it would likely price itself out of the market, but when we consider the merits of price vs performance, this dock feels perfectly judged.

If you’re looking for a radio alarm clock/iPod dock for the bedroom or if you want to pump enough sound around a decent-sized flat to annoy your grumpy neighbours, then this is the dock you’re looking for.

I’ve described it here as a ‘cousin’ of the StreetParty, but in some ways its really more of a big brother, its older, a little more mature in its design and it recognizes the need to get up for work in the morning.

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GEAR4 HouseParty 4 Evo App Enhanced Ipod Dock



Dock Power

Power Source

Mains Adapter

Battery Type


Batteries Required


Charges Ipod When Docked


Dock Dimensions


16 Centimeters


14 Centimeters


29 Centimeters


2 Kilograms

Dock Sound



Volume Control


Number of Speakers


Dock Features

FM Tuner


DAB Tuner




Alarm Clock


LCD Display


Remote Control


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"I carefully read all of the reviews here for this, so I expected this speaker dock to be decent. It is even better than I'd hoped."

Review by Sophie Lambert

"I love this product! The sound quality for this size of docking system is incredible. I like that it comes with a chord so other MP3 devices can be plugged into it, and also how both iPod Nano and Touch fit on the dock itself."

Review by Jayden Lloyd

"This little dock is wonderful! I use it at work and the sound quality is excellent. Granted I don't turn it up loud. So I can't guarantee it sounds good at high volumes. But it's perfect for the office. I turn it up to a decent level on a quiet day in the office and it still sounds good."

Review by Patrick Arnold

"Take it from someone that doesn't leave lengthy reviews or none at all, the is worth it."

Review by Max Patel


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